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Digital Transformation – It’s just as much about Culture as it is Technology

Without any question, Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated the digital transformation efforts for many businesses. Much of the recent research and analysis conducted says the same, with digital transformation being one of the key board agenda points for most C-level executives. … Read More

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Working in the ‘new normal’: How to ensure visibility in an uncertain world

Making the right decisions, but being flexible enough to change direction quickly if required, is difficult enough at the best of times, but it is even more tricky when everyone is working from home, says Qasim Kirmani, chief executive of Wurqi. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the world … Read More

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I believe the world has gone into unknown and unchartered territory – so how do you find the path of success?

Sure, the world is scary for everyone. There’s no clarity, no roadmap and no prior blueprint on how to navigate it. Old and traditional business models aren’t working, and most of the people at the helms of businesses haven’t ever seen this before. … Read More

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How do we work when Covid19 is starting to send everybody home from the office?

There has been a lot of commentary on Covid19 and its potential impact on the global economy. Some might say it’s an overreaction, others argue that the effect will become even more prevalent over the next couple of months. The near future feels a little uncertain for many. … Read More

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To make your business successful, you have to complete successful projects – that doesn’t mean completing tasks!

Every business – no matter how big or small – have projects taking place across it. And the ability to achieve successful projects directly relates to its success and bottom line! So what exactly is a project? To put it … Read More

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