Wurqi – the work management solution
bringing together every component of work

Key Features
Objectives & Key Results

Set and track all key goals and initiatives from top down and bottom up.

Portfolio & Programs

Maximum visibility across all workstreams to ensure you remain in line with strategic objectives and deliverables.

Project & Task Management

Build, manage, plan and assign any and all work.

Communication & Collaboration

Work with multiple teams and stakeholders across any Work, Project or Task whether distributed or co-located.

Multiple Work Items

Manage any type of work including Projects, Tasks, Goals, Milestones, Threats, Requests, Conversations and Meetings.

Work Plans

Create Plans and Workflows with Scheduling and Gantt Charts, Budgets, Notes and Document Management.

User Dashboards

Multiple data views and analysis across the entire enterprise.

Real Time Notifications

Keep updates and receive live alerts across all of your work and activities, including all conversations and progress updates.

Administrator Privileges & Views

Configurability to manage and adjust all company settings, work items, permissions and user teams & roles.