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What we do

Align you to the new way of working

Our enterprise work management platform enables anyone to work wherever and whenever by having complete visibility, predictability and control across their entire business.

We integrate and centralise all work, people and communication into a single view, so it’s easy to set key goals, manage any type of work, whilst streamlining team collaboration.

What makes us different

We bring together every component of work

Most tools have a siloed approach to managing just one or two elements of work management. Either they focus on single projects, individual workloads or just sets of task lists.

But to get a true picture of what is happening and maximise productivity across your business, you need a single integrated platform that caters for every part of work management – And that’s exactly what Wurqi gives.

Make Bold Promises

and keep them

Identify Problems Early

and solve them

Spot Opportunities Quickly

and avail them

The need for work management tools isn’t new –
but our approach is


All business discussions, decisions and actions take place and are tracked within a single Wurqi view, automatically maximising decision making.


Wurqi's interface presents each user with a prioritised dashboard that provides a concise view of all their work and communications.


Users have maximum agility to manage their work however they want to. Whether complex work or simple tasks, you maintain total control.


Wurqi is transparent at all levels and provides complete clarity across all activities, progress and resources at an enterprise level.


Wurqi allows you to create any type of work, from goals and meetings, to projects, tasks and threats – all through the same intuitive interface.


Wurqi integrates information effectively in various ways. Communications and any sort of data can be easily connected to any work.

Complete Visibility

simple, easy and fast to see what’s relevant to you at any given time

Wurqi automatically centralises and integrates all work, communications and people, providing purposeful visibility so that you can focus on what’s important.

Better Decision Making

capture and track all activities, decisions and deliverables

Wurqi highlights what is taking place within your organisation and brings that information to you, improving your ability to action better decision making.

Total Control & Flexibility

work to your own convenience, not someone else’s

Wurqi imposes no constraints on how you choose to structure your activities, however simple or complex they may be.

Complete Collaboration

work with anyone, anywhere
at anytime

A single place to communicate and collaborate on any work, project or task with all your team, easily and quickly updating everyone on progress.

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