I believe the world has gone into unknown and unchartered territory – so how do you find the path of success?

Sure, the world is scary for everyone. There’s no clarity, no roadmap and no prior blueprint on how to navigate it. Old and traditional business models aren’t working, and most of the people at the helms of businesses haven’t ever seen this before.

It has exposed how vulnerable certain Industries can be (such as aviation, oil & gas, hospitality and tourism, etc) and has shown how fragile global supply chains are.

This world has a new way of work and whilst Wurqi’s aim is to help companies of all sizes and their valuable people (both within them and in their eco-system) navigate, survive and eventually thrive – there are 3 main pillars that every organisation needs to underpin its path to success.

The First Pillar – People/People/People

People are the backbone of any organisation. So the path to success really starts with them.

In times of deep crisis – communication, clarity and assurance are key. A lonely email every now & then doesn’t do it, nor an all hands-on video call.

What’s powerful is a sense of being part of a greater mission and seeing how it is evolving and contributing to the collective effort. It is a powerful reassurance that creates stronger mental well-being – uniting people in a common cause.

Wurqi enables connection, communication and collaboration amongst your team and colleagues, instilling and building a strong and robust company culture that will ultimately bring out the best in people, ever-increasing the likelihood of successfully navigating difficulty.

Second Pillar – Agility and Removing Organisational Blocks

Time is seriously of the essence and it is important to make the right decisions quickly. For companies to get clarity on what to do next and how it is going, you almost need to remove the chain of command hierarchy fast and allow initiatives and their progress to be visible very quickly. This gives an organisation agility, allowing them to make effective decisions and change direction rapidly if needed.

In order to get this, it almost requires abandoning traditional structures and leveraging from improved processes – trying to replicate a truly flat organisation, where decision-making typically tends to be quick.

Using Wurqi – businesses can really flatten their organisation and make all critical business actions accessible and visible, with rapid and effective decision making. Because there is clarity, there can be a certainty.

Third Pillar – Learn, Learn Quickly and Adapt

Small successes and failures should be celebrated, with the quick learnings of those shared with everyone. Learning where to do better from both good and bad experiences can be valuable, and is much better than NO action.

It is quick learnings from different parts of a company, and from a variety of scenarios, that can be the basis for creativity and innovation.

Wurqi encourages this across a company and its eco-system. By capturing all decision-making and showing clearly the paths are taken and the actions done, it provides a roadmap and can lead to new paths to do it better in the future.

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Author – Qasim Kirmani, CEO of Wurqi
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