How do we work when Covid19 is starting to send everybody home from the office?

There has been a lot of commentary on Covid19 and its potential impact on the global economy. Some might say it’s an overreaction, others argue that the effect will become even more prevalent over the next couple of months. The near future feels a little uncertain for many.

What is clear though is that over the last week, a lot of businesses around the world have started closing their offices, asking their staff to work from home as a precautionary measure. And in the coming weeks, it seems inevitable that more businesses will do the same.

However, the business leaders I’ve been speaking to in the last couple of weeks share a major concern as to how can they ensure their business continues to drive towards their strategic goals. And how they’ll equip their people to work collaboratively and effectively while remote.

Management always need to have clear visibility of what is taking place across their business, to have early indicators of risks and threats, and then have the agility to make effective decisions to continue to move their business forward in line with their goals.

At the same time, their teams and stakeholders who execute that work and are responsible for delivering these key initiatives, need clear channels of communication to show progress being made, to highlight any risks and issues and to get feedback from management to know whether they are deviating from the business goals or not.

For both management and their teams, this is a critical challenge at the best of times, let alone when the business gets dispersed and people have to work remotely.
As more people become home-based with limited office interaction, it is even more important than ever that collaboration across the business is efficient and fluid, with implementation of well-defined plans of action and clear channels of communication.

So in these circumstances, how do we continue to work efficiently and address these challenges?
Well, businesses need a platform that gives them complete visibility across the key work that is taking place, highlights the role of stakeholders involved and what their deliverables are, and then provides multiple channels of communication directly linked to that work to be able to update and collaborate across the entire organisation.

Essentially, they need the ability to be able to get a snapshot of their whole business in real time and answer “what work is being done?” and “why?”, “who is doing it?” and “how are we communicating the progress being made?”. They need to ask these questions whilst maintaining the speed and agility to be able to cater for everchanging environments

Wurqi – The Collaborative Work Management Solution

And Wurqi delivers exactly this. Our collaborative work management solution integrates and centralises all work, people and communications into one view – highlighting the work being done, who is doing it and what progress is being made with informed decision making throughout.

Irrespective of where people and teams are based, Wurqi delivers real competitive advantage in the form of rapid execution of work and projects, greater collaboration and efficiency across teams, effective visibility at all levels including management and all through an integrated easy to deploy platform.

Why not get in touch with us and see how Wurqi can actively support you in these challenging circumstances without any commitment. Given the real need that most businesses will have, our motivation today is greater than ever in driving true value to our clients.

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Author – Qasim Kirmani, CEO of Wurqi
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