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What we do

Our work management platform enables anyone to work wherever and whenever by having complete visibility, predictability and control across their entire business. We integrate and centralise all work, people and communication into a single view, so it’s easy to set key goals, manage any type of work, whilst streamlining team collaboration.


All business discussions, decisions and actions take place and are tracked within a single Wurqi view automatically, maximising decision making.


Wurqi imposes no constraints on how you choose to structure your activities, however simple or complex they may be. You work to your convenience, not someone else’s.


Wurqi integrates information effectively in various ways. Communications from all stakeholders and any sort of data can be easily connected into activities.


Wurqi is transparent at all levels and provides complete visibility across all activities, progress, and resources at an enterprise level.


In Wurqi, every activity can be broken down as many times as you want from the top level to the smallest sub task, all through the same consistent intuitive interface.


Wurqi's interface presents each user with a personalised prioritised dashboard that provides a concise view of all their activities and tasks.

Our approach

What makes us different

We bring together every component of work

Our work

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From the first meeting through to the launch of our campaign, we appreciated their hands-on approach and attitude.

Jane Warren

We have been working with the team for more than five years now, and we keep coming back because they always deliver!

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